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Welcome Back! We currently open Enjoy Life Church location for summer program and Richard Secord School location remains closed. Our R.S.O.S.C. office is temporarily allocated to the Enjoy Life Church. If you have any questions, please call 780-437-0921 Ext. 2 or email us to rsosc@telus.net. Thank you. 

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About R.S.O.S.C.

We are an accredited, non-profit child care center that has been serving families since 1988. Our program provides before and after school care to children in Kindergarten - Grade 6. We are dedicated to providing safe, affordable and high-quality child care. We currently have two locations: Richard Secord School Location(RSS) and Enjoy Life Church Location(ELC).


Now accepting registrations! 

  • If you are looking for childcare now, please contact us via phone(780-437-0921) or email (rsosc@telus.net). 
  • If you are looking for childcare in the future please feel free to put your name on the waitlist
  • We have two kindergarten rooms at the Enjoy Life Church:  The Frog Room and The Penguin Room. For the kindergarten programs, we currently only accept children in the school morning program.


July, 2020


All of our information can be found in our Parent Handbook