Meet our dedicated and passionate team!


"My name is Jade and I am the Executive Director of the centre. I have a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at University of Alberta. I have worked at the centre since 2016. I have a passion for working with kids and watching them grow."


" I am Amy and I am taking duo roles as  the Assistant Director and the Alligator Room Supervisor. I have a Bachelor of  Education in Educational Technology and a diploma in Early Learning and Child Care of MacEwan University and I am working on my second degree of Child and Youth Care at University of Victoria online. I see children as strong and resourceful mighty learners and value learning through play, lifelong learning. I am looking forward to being children's co-learner, co-researcher and co-imaginer of possibilities and provide strong supports for staff and families. Love life, love yoga and travel. "

Richard Secord School Location Team


"My name is Lifei and I am the Program Supervisor at the Monkey room. It's been a wonderful experience working with all kids and parents since I started working at the centre. I received my Master Degree in Elementary Education at University of Alberta in 2007 and I also have another Master  Degree in English Language Arts. I love reading, writing, gardening, card making, music and multicultural cuisine, but most of my spare time is investing in writing poems and card making." 


" My name is Randeep. I am child development supervisor, level 3, working with kinders and big kids as well. I feel that every day is a new learning day and I absolutely love it. I am very passionate and hard working for my job. I have Master Degree of Journalism, Language and Culture too, along with Bachelor of Education. I feel proud of working with children. I am active member of Terry Fox foundation and volunteer and donor of Canadian Blood service."


"Hi, my name is Wei and I hold a level 1 childcare certificate, and I enjoy working with young children and have four grown up kids of my own. I am involved in children ministry activities over the years at church. At the moment, I work in both locations wherever the centre needs me."


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Enjoy Life Church Location Team


"My name is Denise and I am the program supervisor for the kindergarten Penguin Room. I hold level 2 certification of child development worker. I am also a registered nurse and graduated with a bachelor of science in nursing (Philippines) 2007. I have worked at RSOSC since August 2015 and develop a passion in working with younger children. I had organized major events such as Winter  Spectacular Concert, Summer Olympics, holding room parties, multicultural celebration. I am looking forward to create more fun program activities and more ways to make a difference in the community. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, making arts and crafts, spending time with nature, photography, baking dessert, collecting plants, singing and dancing."


" My name is Mei. I am the Frog room Supervisor. I have worked at RSOSC since 2010 and love it. I achieved my English Education Bachelor Degree equivalent  Master Degree in English Literature in China. I obtained my Early Childhood Education diploma from CDI college with level 3 certificate. I love working with children and seeing them develop as a whole. Other than being an educator, I love spending my time with my family touring, cooking, playing badminton, and listening to music."



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"Hi! My name is Amanda. I work in the mornings at our ELC location, although I do move between both our locations when I am needed. I've been working at RSOSC since 2015 and have my Childcare Development Worker Certificate (level 2). In addition to being a childcare educator, I am also a dance teacher with training in many different genres. I know from my childhood experiences that trusting the people your parents leave you with is crucial to enjoying your time somewhere unfamiliar. Being someone that children can rely on and trust is my main focus as a childcare educator. One of my favourite things about working with children is being involved in their growth. Watching children’s eyes as they light up when they learn and accomplish new skills, is the best reward.

I can't wait to meet you!"



"My name is Jay. I am a childcare assistant. I have been working at RSOSC since 2018. I love to play with children. I love doing different activities with children such as henna art. I like hiking, travelling, cooking and listening to music. During my free time, I like to spend time with my family and play games with them."


" My name is An. I just completed Early Learning and Childcare certificate program ( level 2) in CDI college. I work at both ELC and RSS locations. I have worked at the centre since Sep. 2017 and I absolutely love it. I love being with the children and supporting their individual differences."



"My name is Linda, and I am a child care assistant for Gr.1-6 in the alligator room. I have worked at RSOSC since 2011 and I love it. I love cooking, making crafts, dancing, and listening to music. I was a dancing teacher in China and I have a dancing club at Edmonton Chinese Community Church. I love learning through play with kids. I also love to share ideas and problem solving skill with staff."


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