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Child Care Services

We are providing safe and quality child care services for children 5-12 years old.

We are offering care for: before and after school, PD days, winter break, spring break and summer break.

Music Class
Music Class

Enjoy Life Church

At this location we have students from Greenfield School, Richard Secord, St. Stanislaus and Westbrook. There are three rooms at the Enjoy Life Church Location: the Alligator room, the Penguin room, and the Frog room. The Alligator room is for children grades 1-6. The Penguin and Frog rooms are dedicated to our Kindergarten programs. 


Our ELC location is 5 minutes walking distance from Greenfield School and 10 minutes walking distance from Richard Secord School.

There are three parks nearby, and also a near by soccer field ,basketball court, and open fields.

Richard Secord School Location

We offer care for grades 1-6 at the Richard Secord School location. We have students from Richard Secord, Westbrook, and St. Boniface attending this program. At this location, we have a roll away program using the gymnasium.


On one side of the gym we have the Panda room for grades 1-3 and on the other side we have the Monkey room for grades 4-6. Each side has a supervisor who is responsible for the programming which is inspired by the children. There is opportunity for quiet activities, planned and spontaneous activities, as well as physical/gross motor games.

Kids Playing Tug of War
Girls Swimming Underwater

Summer Program

Our summer program includes regular weekly field trips, baking, clubs, weekly trips to a near by spray park and lots of fun games, and activities to keep busy!


If you are interested in our program, please feel free to contact us for more details.


Please also contact us regarding our limited pre-kindergarten summer enrolment spots. *Please note that your child must be already enrolled in school.

Phone: 780-437-0921


Summer fees for July and August
(Fees are on a per-month basis and are eligible for our kindergarten affordability grant.)

Kindergarten   $800

Grades 1-6      $675

Holding-Fee (for already registered families)   $225

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